Behind by life struggle

Each time i think of life and the thoughts bring to new vision for feature.

Relationship Challenge

1. Not everyone is going to be right and same both sexes

2. If your not trying, your dead before you hit your feet.

Let be real if their issues you can’t handle then it time to ask for help or search new avenue to be seccussful in the Relationship Challenges.

Society of diversity and limited understand

So with diversity and the current state of limited understanding and America I figure this will be interesting for some readers.

first in order to have diversity you have to have understanding and with limited understanding in this society, You really kind of make it hard for regular people to do the everyday job now we can talk about diversity. We can talk about limited understanding. we can even talk about life, But the real trick and the words is to pick and choose.

second with diversity comes a very diverse crowd of people and I noticed it in America that’s not so true if they don’t like Trump protest him and they don’t like Obama they just ignore him but the liberal media attacks tries to devour the equal partners of America.

so in what sanctuary city is it acceptable to slap beat or protest violently in America.

See that’s how unlimited our diversity is America doesn’t have that diversity that used to have and people don’t care.

so in diversity you need to have three things understanding respect love kindness and courtesy. And that is on all levels man woman child marriage relationship anything.

Beyond Body of Man

So there is something to be said for wondering what’s underneath all those clothes of the male body.

We had these moment of wild sexual Desire and see everything.there is sort of a reckless abandonment I mean as guys we do it to it except with a lot more of a woman and they’re also swimsuit models movie stars in adult film Creater.

Beyond the Female Body

see there’s a very unique thing about this as we go beyond each other’s bodies we begin to see the true beauty within each other. that’s what makes it so unique falling in love but not physically mentally cuz at some point we all mentally undress each other with our minds and our imagination.

And yet our imagination is running at warp speed when we hear love or pleasure or fantasy or desire.

that instinct is real and yet men and women both have come up short and really finding the true essence of desire or passion because somehow the one thing that stops at all is that three letter word. And they call it sex.

so what makes us so different it’s not the points of our body and the way we view each other.

just like men machine has distinguish us for a lot of years cell phones games and stuff like that have destroyed the human mind but if you work with it you can regain some of that pleasure sensor back and not just from video games.

That’sthat’s what you need to show its love and respect because at the end of the day that’s what’s behind all of us and that’s what we uncover when we work together.

and that’s really what’s behind life struggle the struggle for a man and woman to coexist in one universe on Earth or on any plane of existence life is always been faster than what we know.

so for the 30 seconds that it might take you to read this that’s a lifetime somewhere where your old grey and dying because you didn’t put your best foot forward and do your own work.

my subject is taking the Life as it sit. and weve got more for you catch Me on Snapchat thank you

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