Thank You

first of all I like to say thank you to all my readers all my followers and everybody who comes on this blog and takes the time to read the articles it is a second chance for our new information for getting the information out there that needs to be out there I don’t want to say thank you I’m going to show you my naturalize growth over the past 3 years.

so this is the first year I started my blog which is usually pretty low there’s not a lot of readers or listeners anything like that and I’ve been giving you guys all sorts of great insight and viewpoints that I have on subjects that matter directly to me.

and I must have done something right because I tripled my listeners and my readers just in a few months or a few years later and this is my second year of my block right here and it shows you that from 60 I went to 674 people just in a year time.

and this year it’s not quite the end of the year but I’m over 1528 people who are reading this who are following me who are interested and I’m reaching out on all my platforms from Facebook to Instagram all over.

YouTube is the most empowering source of entertainment and I’m going to continue to provide you viewpoints and my WWE viewpoint after the Bell report

so I want to say thank you to everybody thank you to all my followers thank you for being a great reader and thank you for being there for me and I hope that there is a lot more success for all of us and I hope we all can come together at some point and work on doing a big post for everybody to read.

because it never good reporter there’s got to be some background and getting all my followers to come together and come up with great ideas for great post and doing one big post is my goal getting more people involved.

so stay tight and always remember keep looking for that viewpoint that reaches out to you the most and share your conversation with everybody.

and take some time to be thankful for the things you have in your life because it’s not everyday you have those things.

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