Depiction by fantasy

so the fantasy I’m seeing it all play out in Washington DC I mean got Adam shift and then you got all these other people who are just sitting there throwing nothing balls at these democratically led idiots.

Adam shift the biggest composed idiot you can ever find in the media and he is sitting there saying nothing to defend himself he says I don’t know this person but all reports that I seen said that he had first-hand contact with this person.

this person is The whistleblower is the liar the leaker the liberal of the Adam schiff era.

so let’s make it fair let’s be fair with this I think that there’s a lot of questionable actions done by the Democrats first I think that it all started with Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign leads.

And I have to believe that antifa is part of this whole thing.see I think that there’s a lot of Democrats paying big money to some investors to try and knock out a very high-paying job make sure they can keep it so they can turn this country into a socialist country but it doesn’t work.

so based on the lies and the weekend in the liberalism I’ve come up with a conclusion Alexandria ocasio-cortez and her band of anti America is the biggest embarrassment to America that I’ve ever seen in all honesty

so I’m a red-blooded American and you know what I’m willing to kick anybody’s ass who wants to talk stupidity about America cuz I’m going to tell you what I got two hands they double his fist and I’m willing to fight with the best of them just save my country I refuse to sit back and shut up when my country is in danger and when I got anti-American idiots running it.

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