So over the weekend I did a couple of very intimate posts and I’m gonna response so long and assure you all the responses I’ve gotten.

So in someways I’ve taken a personal test personality and another’s I just let it fly well this time I can’t let this one just fly I have to deal with it head on so here we go.

So it is in human nature to fall in love it’s natural and sometimes it’s the most beautiful thing on this Earth but there are some people and I’ve just found one of many probly that take to mammals better than humans.

Now the comments in the this little thing we’re all on things that I had posted from blogs that I had done so to be fair I was expecting some very nice comments and the less 3 really kind of threw me for a loop

So this is an authentic question that I put up on my blog what’s a good way to spice up your life could porne help you and the gentleman referred to gape horn as to spice of his sex life but doesn’t one problem hes married to a woman see the problem?

Will you be perfectly clear when it comes to being married there is a limit of longevity and then there’s a limit to stupidity and honestly commenting on my blog on an article on Instagram that I posted for a way to read is not exactly a hip thing to do.

Now I know that there’s many things out there that I’ll never understand but being in love means you need to find a way to spice it up a little bit in the bedroom sometimes or you need to find a hotel Room to spice it up with her sometimes.

Because C I’m doing this for the talking points I’m doing my research and I’m giving you all something to think about when you get into a relationship I don’t know if and in tell a married man about his habits I really should don’t want to go there because it’s not my place more specifically I’m not going to give him the benefit of trying to fix his problem when 1st he need to admit to himself, That he has a problem in his personal life and his marriage.

Yes an embarrassing moment is when you get married and I can’t stand to see your better half but I will not encourage badd thoughts or comments that I could not tell my better half so if you’re having a problem then it’s time to talk about it with her not me.

And allow me to make some ground rules for this conversation before you walk in and just start blurt now what you’ve commented on Instagram think about what you’re going to say because what you say will have an everlasting effect on what you do.

Your love has to truly what you’re building for then you need to put aside the problem. And come up with a solution because you both need to talk about your issues, cause with them from front to back back-to-front in reverse or in forward gear doesn’t matter but the 2 need to sit down and counter and understanding.

Stay tuned for more articles in our highlight my favorite 5 articles for the year 2019.

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