✅FTC becomes Mom and Dad for your Children🔴

BREAKING:FTC is anti income for YouTube in America.

It very broad in the new rule to protect our children.

Now you could fine up $43,360 as results of in Appreciate Marketing for kids and not for kids

Now don’t you think we have enough government in our with overreach into Advertising on YouTube and if they can do that then why not with Television?

YouTube will have to remove it Advertising Breach and delete all Advertising service for people who use it. Including be deleting the monetizing for YouTube channel content.

Service being done YouTube why don’t we do it TV mean this is just another step closer to what people have been saying for the past 10 years that there’s no parents out there willing to control what their kids watch and now it is the youtuber fault?

If this is the case then we need to take away all advertising on television to that promotes child games and children’s TV if you’re really going to step into this Huber jump in with both feet because it’s unfair to the youtuber it at pay for what parents should be teaching their children.

Yeah I’m pistzoff yes I am bringing this to the people because this is taking away our freedom of the American dream and we’re one step closer to what everybody doesn’t want.

And forget to DE monetize advertising then we better start done with T V too, because that sure biggest competitor right there FTC.

America Dream is being Cancelled by the FTC and your doing video game review and feature children content, could mean your out of getting paid for review or doing Segment on you because the FTC Is overreaching in Online Business.

Please give me your thoughts on Cancelled Revenue by FTC.

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