Admire and listen

So every so often I admire and I listened to something that just turned me on I and I have been listening to something is just been so boring depressing and absolutely ill of any sort of understanding.

So with me and listen Adam schiff talk the 1st thing I think of is I think hes got a power Pole stuck up his asshole so they can talk straight. OK maybe I was a little rude and maybe I’m just getting tired of hearing the lies from him but I do know one thing the truth is better than a lie.

They need to cancel these impeachment inquiry hearings whatever they’re calling them and they need the focus on the American people all honesty it’s a total joke I saw a pull a Gallup poll that places 85% of the Americans on the side of the republicans because you’re not proving anything and what they are proving is what a joke they really are as democrats.

My name is Brandon on the creator of this blog you’re reading I’m the content creator on the creator the videos you see that go up on the final say and what can be posted in what Kant and I will not lie to my readers or the people who contact me I’ll give them the truth and I’ll give them the straight facts of the matter.

So here’s a few of them facts that I have found so far in this hole and pietschman enquiry and why I think Trump is going to be president again.

1st it’s all he said she said bullship and of no actual 1st hand accounting for the information.

2nd you can’t ask questions according to Adam shift and his band of merry men because it’s a bunch of jokes that they’re playing on the American people then move the goalpost to Russia then they move it to bribery nothing has been proven.

3rd I think this is gonna be the most far fetched biggest joke I’ve ever seen but if you’re watching the impeachment hearings for 5 days you got nothing it’s like 2 + 2 = 4 and you come up with shipped so what are you do you get more ship and there’s nothing to add it up so I don’t think there’s much left to say but it’s a big joke.

And in my final closing thoughts here is what I have to say.

I’m trying raise $1755 to get my blog to be able to be sponsored that’s the man I need I’m not getting 1/2 as free side like I’m I’m also having trouble with a few other things but the $1755 is what I need and I’ve also got this like migraine from listening to 11 hours 11 hours 11 hours of testimony after testimony after testimony of the impeachment inquiry which is just a fake phony bunch a throw together half witted gum sucking mouth breathing democrats who know nothing about facts.

And finally and most important thing I have posted a lot of blogs about relationship. And stuff like that and I want you guys to remember that I’m giving you a conversation piece, everything I do is for conversation. So if you have a subject that you would like to see up here on my blog please tell me about it all write an article for you and you give me your input.

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