It the rich people!

So you had a chance to listen to the democrats?

So the democrats want to blame the rich people for making the homos homeless and I really have to ask the question how can we blame the hard working American dream for making other people homeless,

Is it at more to the point that the democrats can’t afford some of their tax plans so they’d much rather blame the rich people for their misdoings.

In a recent new Yorker article on the new Yorker would blamed the rich people for the homeless in the United States. Know the exception of me not being homeless I have to ask is it really the rich people’s fault that they’re homeless no they didn’t make that choice.

People homeless for many different reasons job loss unemployment for a long period of time not enough work and bills housing stuff like that go right through the roof so what are you do you become homeless.

In essence the United States government has raised taxes has overdraft on their counts and now wants to blame the rich for their mistakes. See I have a hard time believing nor do I have a hard time seeing what’s going on in America as the democrats one attacks wealthy and give money away to the poor.

If people would come together and make better choices I think The Choice would be easier than some of these other options I think that of people actually listened to what they were saying and heard what was being said I think the option would be a lot clear and a lot less deafening.

See the problem is run you’re blaming the rich people people like trump like mic man this is what you’re finding your not finding enough to lay on him because hes worked hard both of their work super hard to make entertainment energizing again.

Wall trump is trying to build a better tax incentive for the United States McMahon’s out there doing his best to provide jobs and job security.

Because see you cannot blame the rich when you yourself or taking play with jets and private planes all over the world and you are a congressional leader or a senator for any state in the United States.

So when are because about the truth when you major fact from fiction fact is is not the rich people’s fault that these other people are homeless it’s more like the United States government’s fault that there are homeless because I can tell you this I live in Oregon at least 25% of all homeless is veterans and that is an issue for me.

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