Admire the Drive

Turn recent blog post I’ve been talking about friendships into relationships and I’ve been kind of escapading the sex talk

But just like every good conversation you gotta have that 1 conversation that changes the look or the perspective. you can admire the drive of writing, The drive of understanding the drive of everything ,But at the end of the day.

But no matter how much you talk about drive the one thing you cannot forget is that there are people especially the kind of people who have that everlasting drive of beauty.

Turn a recent research I was doing for blog I found some very interesting things one is going to be exposed right here for everybody.

Are you tired of always having the headaches of rows being in constant stress well there is something that women have they get rid of those headaches and that stress and that pain and that is called sex drive if they reach peak turns in the sexual pleasure department you can see them fill alot better.

As a matter of opinion in a recent New York Times article dated 2007 they found that women were more active in the sex drive department because they had a powerful urge for orgasm or peak pleasure performance.

Any was that which kind of trigger this post the idea of peak pleasure in the bedroom really brings it fro full circle so the aspect of love and the aspect of sexual Expiration was not what I was in for.

So I took the opportunity to go down to the University of Oregon here in Eugene Oregon and I got chance to talk to a couple of the college females that live on campus and they told me that they have a better drive then there can’t then their relationships and the male they are dating.

So after I talk to them I had chance to talk to a doctor and I asked her point blank I said would you believe this new story if I showed it to you?

And her answer was known she would not believe it but when I showed it to her she finally believed it I found the really Khan a cookie thing about this women love to explore personal exploration on themselves men don’t.

Because I need tell you what if women if a man can really explore woman the truest form of exploration comes when you can give her a full body massage and at the same time help her to relax into a more happy state of mind.

I’m sure of a couple of things I am sure that 1 women or the most sexiest beautiful pieces of art on the surf right along with those men out there they are completely undeniable sexy.

I am bisexual so I guess I can say that but the most remarkable thing is I have not found a woman who shares that love of art.

Say he could mire true art then this is true art even if they’re fully clothed .

So in my Final view Point thought and going to give you what I think is my final thought about my view.

All things I find remarkable in sexy are credible and beautiful the moments of a woman that can find treasure and pleasure. And you can find love any shape or fashion style and best part of this be open to friendship with Benefits.

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