Lane Transit District

Eugene, Or we’ve got a company who is doing questionable job for the business.

When I see something wrong I always say something and well I am speaking out for Customers and Rider of Lane Transit District.

Mass transit lines in Eugene with Express line only and this will delete almost all their to small communities of Eugene .

24, 28,79X,81,82,40,41,36,66,67 and More

Since they want be ask questions and they start with new 2 year rollout I get the feeling that Lane Transit District is will risk everything Express lane Transit service.

See when they made the West 11th Express Service that eliminated the 43 west 11 and then turn the 41 Barger in 1 hour 40 minutes round trips. But now their next plan and here one of the map system .

If you do this you not help the city or customers who use you system but instead hurt 100s of 1000s of people.

Now this their is few thing that make the system better and off more service area of lane county.

First take 40,67 and 66 use these three route to service sensor center in route 1 Campbell Center because it help with service.

Next use the Express service down river road and turn the River station in hub for 95 Junction City and using the Express line back to Eugene Station from River Road and turn the 51 or 55 in River road bus .eliminated the 52 and use to cover the three major route on River Road.

Then take the 92 Lowell and 91 McKenzie Bridge and move to 1 bay cause their departure times are not the same. That open up few new idea for service.

41 and 40 should stay because honest their a larger ridership for Eugene Mission And Win Co. 40 offer good Service for Elmira Rd that giver elders senor perfect service on week and on Saturday you offer 15 minutes 1 hour and then do the 1 hourly service.

66 and 67 stand few extra runs on Saturday like 12pm to 3pm it could use 15 minutes and then 30 mins and hour departures.

51 and 52 could be merge into one bus River Road 53 and 1 hour 40 minutes service then add 15 minute service during peak hours of ridership. This would be for Saturday as well.

If you wanna to make better come down and ride the bus and then do some of the routes and hear the customers.

I’m petition you to stop Your Plan feature cause it incorrectly put together mass Transit plan.

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