End of Era, beginning of Trilogy

Just classic meaning of Captains of many Star Trek this would our features Freedom at it best.

First time in history I’m about to draw a Shining experience of HATE in AMERICA.

CNN Jim Acosta is my first prime because he has been Qoute as say “Trump is at War with media” but that lies.

Next their feature peace When went in meltdown.

I’m not to shock by this impeachment expressway with Democrats. A very long distance from working American as many differences American showed that is better for Americans Prosperity.

This Article of Fair and Balancing Justice . Except for 1 person as state by Democrats.

You may know him. But real truth is This my President Donald J Trump of the America.

1.railed by Democrats

2.Presidential harrassment

True is he didn’t do anything except for Bias and hate struck media and Democrats.

But in true American politics the Democrats have 2nd level of justice system . True story is what Clinton off and go Biden family their richest

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