Part 1: Mystery and love with intrigue

A pillow with a satin sheets and soft and smooth blended silk blanket and these romance love story with touch of sexual pleasure intrigued. And best mystery you will read.

On one frost bitten Saturday with fog like a blanket. It happen the mysterious Lover strike.

The Address 1599 West Pen dale Rd in South Benton England now Pen Dale rd is about one hour from any known law enforcement but for women inside this home she was happy with night lover and the man who drove her crazy.

her name is Ashley Moot is a 30 year old, college student whom is studying to become a Doctor. But her day was made last night inside her bedroom.

And Now just down the street from Ashley Moot is Her friend David Huffman. And He police officer for 17 years of law enforcement in Westminster England,

Westminster Abbey travel through England and you will see the most beautiful sights and sounds every day of your life like Ashley Moot .

So the sounds of Life beat through the house of Ashley’s. And the mystery starts here cuz in her bedroom was love and bliss. And This day is starting with a red rose. And that rose came with a message says thank You For The night. Sign Mystery man.

Now their a man walking the street willing to became the mystery of every woman Fantasy.

Ashley Moot work as a Bartender at local Bar near her home. And David Huffman walk in with bold smile. This Ashley think is the man who fill her Fantasy in bed last night. David walk up to Bar and ask for Soda and chicken and Chips. Ashley say Okay.

With smile on her Ashley said it on the house. David take drink of his soda and pull his phone and start reading his Novel.

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