Mysterious lover in night part 2

The first site was 1599 Pen Dale Rd West Benton England. The name of lady is Ashley Moot and she under spill about 17 year career police officer one David Huffman who is regular at Blur Rose Bar where Ashley Moot work.

And frost bit Saturday morning Ashley Moot was surprised by a mysterious man exceeding her wildest sexual desires.

This mystery man is one who looks to Single women happy, And this expression he provide to women’s.

2 Days later: This Mystery man returned to Ashley Moot home. This he was their to support his very beautiful women. Ashley Moot got some roommates on Sunday to share and this mystery man is giving the Jessica Westside her wildest sexual Fantasy.

One Foggy Tuesday morning has just been added twist to mystery and at same time. The local Newspaper is reporting on Mystery man is Reaching Single woman Sexual Fantasy.

This morning Jessica Westside from 1597 Pen Dale Rd in West Benton England was given the opportunity to play out her 50s Shade of gray in her mind.

Just next door Ashley Moot is waking up , This morning she excited about learning who this mysterious man is that feeds sexual Fantasy. As get ready for class just down the road Jessica Westside is in 7th heaven. Cause got her 50 shade of gray Fantasy last night.

Could their be a man with 50 different types of Fantasy fill by single?

Now back to Jessica Westside a 27 year old female with talent to become First Truck driver and moving to America.

Meanwhile David Huffman paid a visit to Ashley Moot to see if she knew about Newspaper article?

Ashley Moot STOP and then she tell David “I thought you knew” and David says What?

This Silence come over Ashley as David inform her that “by law he couldn’t enter her home with her permission ” And then Ashley come out Bedroom with Bathing suit and ask David where he was last Saturday morning at 8:05am ?

David tell Ashley “I was still in bed sleeping ” Ashley said “OH”

David step in and tell Ashley if you hear please call the Station and their be come out take report.

Ashley say “Okay ”

First the story goes to two women and West Benton England and Pen Dale Rd is Now topic of sexual Fantasy.

Ashley Moot and Jessica Westside is the two who have reach Fantasy theaters of Sexual Desires.

Next day a talk woman salons that Ashley and Jessica visit is getting about Jessica 50 shade of gray sexual Fantasy when Ashley walk in.

Welcome please follow me here Ashley Jason said. And Ashley ask Jason what that lady talking about?

Jason paused and said “sexual Fantasy was reach yesterday “. Ashley stop ask what?

Jason say ” her name is Jessica Westside and she 27 year old and I guess yesterday she had 50 shades of grey sexual Fantasy.

Ashley said “oh”

So Jason ask Ashley how was your week been ? Ashley answer very Amazing. And I had best sex on Saturday morning by mystery man.

This Mysterious man is willing risk Love to bring the 50 shades of Fantasy to love and giving 2 young Adults woman their perfect.

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