Questions  and Answers

What do you think of Female body ?

Asked by Shashi W Japan

Answer: okay I’ll be honest about but please just hear me out.

The female body has its own beautiful natural or shape this female body has a very toned very exaggerated robust shape and it emerges as beauty. But how do I look at females I look at females is human beings and I respect them dearly and I think that in order to have that right female you gotta respect them more every day he got to give them a 110% respect and gratitude and you gotta show them that you care enough to be that 1.

So by definition I would encourage everybody to take time to enjoy and respect and immerse yourself in the girl that you have in your life because for the moment situ don’t make they will and those moments can be very very harmful to your feelings and your pride as a man.

Question: what made you fall into Bisexual male category?

Ask by Shane R, Texas United States

Answer: I’ve found the human body very beautiful. And when came to Identity of Sexuality . I had to make Real life accept and that why I accepted bisexual because it was me inside and out.

When it come to be real it invaluable part of life. And so the truth is being Honest about life and true to your self . Be real and talk straight point about how your feeling.

Question Why is your blog so wide View?

Ask by Debra A, Oregon United States

The best answer I can give you is about be real to myself and to reader. This is truth about View point and I won’t quit till everyone hear the honest View.

Final Question Can give the real focus Point about the feature of America?

Ask by William K, Aberta, Canada

This my podcast and I’ve said many y time that when people buy Into weaponizeding the judicial system in American is wrong at any time and Point.

This is what is being torn down our history all monuments are becoming the trash of someone’s heap and this is wrong.

Whenever history is demonetised whenever monuments were ripped from the ground because people don’t like them they it represents a very dangerous president just like the president that the democrats set for the 2020 Election.


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