What Made 2019?

In the year of 2019 you’ve got best and worst year end. But I’m sure that this record setting year for stock Market.

This could be best year in general for holding a 401k.

Break out a new Hire

This new project for my blog is recently updated to have Volunteers as community blogger.

Welcome and Sai Maria Johnson. ✨CONGRATULATIONS ✨ This is amazing Articles from her.


This beautiful Drawing was by Me and I would like to welcome to all to Sai Maria Johnson introduction.

My year in music has been surpassing my own experience.

This was my 2019 music chart topping my year..

We got whole new year and this 2020 year has got big 2020 plans.

Don’t for get about my podcast because I’m make promotion and Insightful talking point.

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