People of the Year

“Donald J Trump”

One of my favourite things about having a Presidential debate is hearing all the contradictions they make…

it always pop up!

::::::::::::::::This is how far people will go to justify being misunderstood. It People have been so offended by comments that Democarts and Republicans make to justify a lie or disrespect. But the people aren’t offended by the needless statement or lies taken from the Media. If people wants to condone presidential harrassment then they are fair game, especially when you are someone with a big public platform. This is the last I will post about this 2020 Election. :::::::::::::::

Congratulations to Donald J Trump for make 2020 New Years person of the year.

🌎Congratulations 🌍

This last 2019 make the new year Important for 2020.

Congratulations to John Wayne who made American Television history. As Cowboy and he was stand up American Hero for honest and Dedication to the America Dreamers.

Congratulations to Roman Reign , he made a great Come back from leukemia. And Roman has been impacting the WWE by just fighting the hard fight and beating leukemia.

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