Where is love Gone?

šŸ‘‹ I’m Brandon ans this week I’ve decided to make concerns to Everyone about few Topic.

Love is left the country. I am seriously pointing out obvious Errors in the World.

There is obviously a glaring Miss connection with women and men and where love starts and where friendship begins.. but also there’s an obvious problem with love in America and around the world because we disconnected ourselves from that feeling..

Lifestyles is better with Real Friends. But in life you’ll need the mental ability to overcome the šŸ‘ and šŸ‘Ž..

Rules of Real Friends

1. Don’t be rude beyond who you don’t know. 2. Be Honored with Honestly and integrity.

Open Door for love and much more

In a relationship the real understanding come from being you are inside and out.

But where you have start is with yourself cause that only way to emerge head of the love and lifetimw of respect and gratitude for people.

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