Truth about real pleasure prostate.

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So what if I told you says away from men to get the ultimate pleasure by just a simple massage of their prostate why did you?

George what if I told you that by helping the prostate he could have a better production of sperm and last longer in bed.

Would you allow other man to help feeling of orgasmic behavior by male and female body same, But it just for 2 other people to have better Sexual secret for a better relationship with understanding with men and Women.

Now I know that we all need to feel comfortable and Confident in building our sexuality.

People with chronic prostatitis often return for prostate massages two to three times per week for the first month and reduce the frequency of sessions as symptoms improve

So I can thinking O what the hills is all about it’s about male and female sexuality it’s about opening your mind in accepting certain things new things into your sex life.

See the actual truth of the matter is is it if we had more positive reinforcement more real reinforcement in to these things and we actually looked at the qualities that would make our sex life better we probly have a lot more happy people and a lot less unhappiness .

See I’ve always been wondering what would make our relationship better but that same question of what would make your relationship better comes with a cost.

What a woman and a man feel better knowing that they had compatibility together knowing the sex would be a lot better if it was 3 people?

Yes my blog pushes the limit but it doesn’t push Limit to far because it wants to know what you the readers think?

So if a man in a man and a woman cannot make each other happy would you be against a through port relationship?

Do you think Do you think it’s wrong to have another man and or woman involved with you?

So these questions and Harding answer then I guess the hardest thing the answer is would you be willing to massage his prostate if he asked you?

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