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On Monday I’ve made decisions to start First short video blog.

New project for upgrading this I am star “The Invest in Brandon”

See I’ve come at all parts of sex from men and women to men and men to women and women and so the investin Brandon slogan was created by me the creator the rider the person who’s behind all these great stories you read.

At least the ones I post. So over the next couple weeks I’m gonna be doing these invest in Brandon things that are going to talk about how you’re investing in me and what I’m going to do with your money and I’m gonna point out in videos if you don’t follow me on rumbled in your not going to build of see it, it’s the new terminology I call building my blog.

So $10 invested in me is a $20 return for every dollar you invest I will work my damnedest to reinvest it in me and to also give it back to you. So if you invest 10 my goal is $10,000 raised but if you only invest $10 you started a succession this is my $10 that I’ve invested in me so now I need $9990 more to make it to $10,000

Introduction investors

I’m looking for Investor to get up $10,000 for 5 years investor for a start up business.

Investor  Terms that I would like to have for 2 years and then 3 year term to finish the investment.
Start of investment is $10,000 for five years.

Firs 2 years would settle payment to interest rate of %3.2 with First 2 years of payment.
First Payment $500 due in 5 week after of investment total of 3 payments of it 500 in 5 week the total would be $1,500 for the 5 weeks of 3 payment .

Second payment would once a month at 1,500 over the 6 months for second payment  would be 3 installment of 1,500 over 6 month period.
Total payoff of investor $10,000
Equal payment total $6,000 return of $10,000.

Investor return of $6,000 time 2%  equal additional $2,500 rounded up nearest hounands.
Total payment at 6 months would be 8,500 on half of the $10,000.

So if you interest in this investment agreement and you wanna the price with same return and extended  payoff time to 10 years .

Email Me Brandon Vaughan

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