Martin Luther king jr.

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Martin Luther king junior ,Monday January 20th 2020.

We remember the day we remember the time but how can we ever forget the moment?

It’s one moment of time where 1 man stood up and spoke to millions of people all over the world and made 1 voice ring loud and clear he gave the I have a dream speech he spoke to the men the women the spirit of unity and prosperity.

We can prosper in him speaking we can take unity in who we are we can accept and stand together as brothers and sisters and let the division not be fall us but to stand together you must find happiness.

See the American dream is lost on our fellow democrats they don’t want the American dream they won a whole bunch of politics and not a lot of care they’ve created hate in America when this man created love and the I have a dream he stood together he stood side-by-side and he marched on Washington .

But are you look at it now 20 tueni we don’t have that cunning unity twenny twenny we don’t have that kind of prosperity twenny twenny the democrats don’t care and in the year of 2020 there is nothing more divisive mutt nothing more misunderstood than hate.

Today you are feeling like your left or you’re looking for an answer for today’s, Solemn moment remember the I have a dream I remember this video because not all moments come back to life like this man.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Died before his time remembered phrase speeches and in America he was the spirit of the American dream and I think of you is alive today I think he would call what the democrats are doing as divisive and hate filled and nothing more than just the vision in America by the democrats.

Thank you

God bless Martin Luther king Jr

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