Hidden behind truth about Sexuality

So at any rate of writing Mr. Otherwise I always push the limit. So I found sexuality to be my next push to limit do you hide your sexuality the hide because you’re afraid of embarrassing somebody or do you hide because you’re afraid that somebody else in your family might disown you?

Would you hide your sexuality as a man a here actually bisexual but told everybody around you you are straight.

I know how that goes it lasted till I was about 21 and and finally came out and said I am bisexual you know the strange things between mankind and the way we live our lives often reflect on our families.

I voice heard that admitting you are makes you stronger and better as a person but can you actually perform to who you are

Truth is always stranger than fiction and my blog is just one of many willing to push that truth to the very end if you are bisexual than seeing a man naked would turn you on seeing a woman naked would do the same thin the exceptions to the rules is it if you’re gay any woman that walks by you without clothes on will never ever turn you on.

Now I know that there’s ages out there a lot younger than me did have questions song of be something new I’m gonna give these younger generation folks a chance to spell in their little fantasies and theories and dive whatever they want into its.

I’m Brandon Vaughn and I’m bisexual what I’m doing here on this blog is I speaking on the silent part of people who don’t wanna speak who are afraid they say something there be in trouble but the reality is if they don’t see something it’ll hurt not just them but their future.

Hello… Could all of my friends or family members copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.

Just two. Any two. Say done.
If you are struggling call
Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday

So if this means anything to any of you remember I love you is a strong set of words to anybody a you really love them you will support them care for them and give them proper guidance.

A genie doesn’t come out the bottle when you’re unhappy there is no one out there is going to give you all the things you need but there is something out there that will help you to be successful.

And that is what’s called being to your being real being true being excepting being what you want to be bisexual friends gender lesbian gay it really doesn’t matter just as long as you remember you are where you are because you’re successful and you know what you wan.t

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