Could this be bad type hate in 🇺🇸?

Do you honestly believe that your local And state officials isn’t just raists ?

Right now in America this Happen it could be happening to you in from of Taxation.

I’m making that Party of Raistm is in it self racists . Each one of their pick out a one kind of people.

But what if I charge you 1% of the Taxation on Money you’ve already earned?

Now let say that in 3 year if hold that. Money were charge you 2% of saving?

Let make. Real clear comparison

1 you have $1500 in saving. 2 you have over $600 in your check . now let they tax you 2% of earned income equal $1470 left and we move to checking $600 that 2% tax eqaul $588

Now this what fair taxation according to Sanders and Warren

I’m really sense unfairness. This would be act of aggression toward these hardworking Americans.

In many way the Democrats have been race bating the United Ststes.

The most recent United States Census officially recognized five racial categories (White American, Black or African American, Native American and Alaska Native, Asian American, and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander) as well as people of two or more races

If true is right then time impeachment to call out fake Democrats..

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