Perhaps disrespectful

Okay, so perhaps me watching the presidential speech was a little ostentatious and at the same time it was more than shocking after watching tonight’s presidential speech.

A sad Democratic party show signs of weakness under President Trump his comeback America speech was amazing. I would give it a 10 out of 10 stars and I give the Democratic Behavior a simple one out of five piss-poor professional behavior is what you’ve come to expect from your Democrats in office..

Response Ron Wyden

If you want to see what Donald Trump would do with four more years, look back at his record of ignoring the problems typical families face over the last three.

Trump’s key legislative accomplishment is a tax handout for multinational corporations, special interests and the wealthy, and he expects working families to praise him for it. With another term, he’ll send those working families and seniors the bill for his $2 trillion tax giveaway and claw back their hard earned health care and Social Security benefits.

Americans are still getting mugged by drug companies every time they walk up to the pharmacy counter, but Trump hasn’t lifted a finger to lower drug prices, and has even discarded his campaign promise to let Medicare negotiate. His administration’s recent attack on Medicaid is just the latest example of how it’s shredding the safety net and making it harder for millions of Americans to get ahead.

Bottom line, the Trump administration has been a terrific success at helping the powerful and wealthy build on their power and wealth, but it has failed at addressing the key kitchen table issues that keep typical Americans up at night.

I’m not just going to respond Ron Wyden. I’m going to respond to other things, but I want to tell mr. Whiting that as a tax-paying citizen and is a person who sees how. Sonic your party is I suggest you look before you speak of Trump.

So if your inaction is the ability to not act fairly on behalf of the taxpaying people and your credibility is so low, then why don’t you do something about it? Why don’t you prove to the American people that you actually are for America and not for anti-American statements..

I mean, I watched the Senators I watch the Democrats. I watch drawing you you basically had no perspective. No respect for the Constitution are no respect for the morals of being a part of the greatest moment in history. And at the end of the speech your house Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore up Donald Trump’s speech just turn up like it didn’t even matter..

Lowe’s Democrat or not listening, you’re not showing any appreciation for America. You’re not caring about American values and the most important thing that President Trump. Where is you’re not showing support for the American Ingenuity and the American Revolution. This is a restart to what America should be and he is presenting the American dream get your f****** ass is off your ass and do the job we pay you to do..

God bless America And go Trump America.

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