Democracy vs hypocrisy

I know that some of you going to think wow how can he say this but I also know that that same group is going to want to hear the hypocrisy then I’m about to do on Democrats that shows just how far democracy is from their mind

So you’re probably wondering why it shows the vote and then it says democracy and diversity well that’s what we have to vote for we have to vote for the diversity in the democracy and then was a really shown diversity has been the Republicans.

As you can see here our past presidents have not done what Donald Trump has done for America and this is just proven beyond a shadow of a doubt how much this economy has meant to our United States government and to improving the infrastructure and the money that families around the country in the United States are getting under Donald Trump’s presidency.

I have been knowledge of this incredible amount of diversity but my blog is not about pushing diversity it’s about opening a conversation so how can you have a conversation when you don’t have diversity while let’s start here.

Well this was a true picture I would say that this would be awesome because it would be showing true faith and bearing no shame about supporting our current 45th president of the United States Donald John Trump.

So what if underwear were considered a part of a race what is the underwear you’re wearing right now was part of a race would you be racist towards the underwear that other guys wear?

I mean diversity and democracy go together but yet I don’t see it so I have to ask is this about race or is this just simply about money who’s going to get the bigger check. I know that this might sound horrible and this might be just another one of these crazy post to get people’s attention but no it’s a conversation.

So this is what democracy is then we’re representing a racist type of democracy because these people do not care about us this is Kate Brown governor of Oregon she claims that she represents democracy well she doesn’t represent it very good she represents division

This is Warren and Sanders current in running for presidential election of 2020 and you know I really have to say that I don’t see much democracy in these two I see the vision because if one thing I know it’s hate these two have so much hate that racism is not even a word I used to describe the Democrats meet Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren the most hypocrisy bound Democrat you’re ever meet in the United States Senate.

Meet United States Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon this ladies and gentlemen is a true hypocrisies if I’ve ever seen one he follows a fake media like little dogs to an endless war and he continues to publish fake news on his Facebook.

The biggest hypocrisy with our United States Senate and the Democrats and the house Democrats is it they don’t have real change in mind they want to set us back 500 years from now and then want to go back to hybrid lines high taxes High food cost everything that doesn’t save America the destroys America these people are the ones to do it

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