Love has Diversity?

See love has diversity it’s just not so diverse when people close their minds to it and love has its dynamic to if you’re open to a full on understanding of infrastructure of love in this form

So if this is not diversity then it’s broken and with beautiful things like this it is has to change from it is to it will be changed

Our diversity is the diamond our understanding is the person the people the where the wind the how and all these things then we have admitted through hard work and tears are about to be broken bruised and battered by the other side.

We’ll see this is diversity this is skin Ace’s the human flesh in its real tone this is the ace in the hole that people don’t see who always looking at the heart or the rhythm of a heart.

Is this too diverse is this what you guys were caused by his racism a man kissing woman. But wait if that AM diversion of then having another man kiss another man is got to be the most diverse right.

Say this is diversity this is not hypocrisy this is love one man live in another man I consider it a beautiful sight 1 man and rapture in himself and other man is beauty but they who question diversity also question the moral?

Jesse small at the man who claimed that he was racially bashed for being gay and this man lied small at is just like you sounds hes a small let of what is going on in our societie not just in our societie but in societies around the world.

So if you want unity back my project if you want disappointment and sadness and hate back the democrats burning a tell you what I’m gonna make you a promise it’s twenny twenny now in 10 years I will get my unity project one where the other.

And wanna know why because unity can create diversity diversity can create love and love can create life and life can create understanding.

Some verse strong words that the people at their need to hear and the biggest joke is is if you say diversity the democrats and the far left holler racism.

See I remember when what you see in this picture would be considered racism because back then there was actual racism going on now it’s become a weapon a zation word for the democrats to try and extort or pillage America for true hate.

The psychosomatic type of person that a running in the presidential election on the democrats side like Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Pete Buddha jeje and all these socialist have no idea what’s going on outside their party they don’t care because they’re feeling hate and despair and sadness to try in engage the American people.

Here’s a man who’s been feeling diversity here’s a man who’s been feeling infrastructure here’s the man who gave us more money and reset the government were should be within the government hears the man who said I’m going to hold to my promises and I’m going to keep them no matter what and you know what hes kept every one of his promises ladies and gentlemen the president of the United States the 45th president of the United States Mr. Donald John Trump.

So you wanna meet the man who field real diversity who stomped out hate and yet kept fighting for the American dream and stood on a stump and Washington DC after the March in washington and spoke to the I have a dream and fought for everything that people now take advantage of yet we The Outsiders were not there to see it so I guess that makes us the slaver.

So if more Luther king spoke the I have a dream speech then I’m guess I’m going to take up the next one which is I’m going to have a University speech I wanna speak to the millions of people who are not listening and yet willing to follow blind dog into a known bad idea alley.

My name is Brandon I’m 32 years old and I’ve seen diversity broken I’ve seen diversity been bruised and I’ve seen a disgraced bunch of people stand on a stump and try to lead the blind into a death of sorrow and shame.

So I am a millennial I just amol and now I’m the millennial I’m the one who’s going to tell you that what the democrats of promoting is an unsafe work environment and the environment would be more deadly polluted then what it ever was what you hear is not so real as to what you’re going to see.

So allow me to speak to the socialis the American socialist the people who think bread lines of such a good idea and that having everybody on a $1000 month income is a good idea the one thing that war foot that they’re failing to see is how badd this is a trillion dollars is going to be gone like that and no millionaire or billionaire is ever gonna pay the bill that the democrats socialists are promoting.

Reality check I am not talking about a broken economy I’m talking about a broken policy that does not work.

Hello money off I’m telling you the truth something they’re not gonna tell you did you know that each one of their proposals cause upwards of 14 trillion dollars and would break the United States into the 2nd poorest country like Venezuela and we would be at the bottom of the food chain we would no longer be top of the heap we’d be at the bottom and those extreme socialist who on a promoter lie to try and courage truth it doesn’t work that way AOC the squad they’re faking what they tell you they know what they’re saying is lies they know what they’re telling you is a lie the truth can only come from those who know the economy.

This is who knew the economy these are the people who knew the economy best the United States of America this is what we built the United States off of diversity I said they have a lot of it

Meet the man who talked the talk and one the West John Wayne yet hes also the man that the left want to say is races wanna talk about racism you know when he was live things were different back then but now we’ve come so far and we cannot this shame a man for being who he is. Or who he was. John Wayne he was a man among men he respected women he respected the good old West he made history when he made movies this was a man who respected you and a few cannot respect a dead man then who can you respect

Living and gentlemen my name is Brandon Vaughn I’m 32 years old and I may not be a movie star I may not even be a famous person but I dam sure know when I hear all here lives and I know when I hear half truce there is no truth to what the democrats are telling you and their diversity is not diversity it is splitting the country down the middle Nancy Pelosi all these democrats want to tell you that this is about being diverse and doing what’s right for America are lying to your faces and you just like everybody else needs to know it’s a lie what the democrats are pushing art in possible ideas with a lot of hot air followed behind it.

See these democrats are blaming trump for the problems of California when it’s actually the governor and Nancy Pelosi is fault for California they’re not taking care of their problems so they’re willing to break blame our United States president now tell me something and you had chit in your food pissot on your streets and in the sir system and in the water drainage system once you feel embarrassed to know that your governor is blaming the present in the United States who has himself installed sanctuary safe places all over California just to make it more peel obal and have a poop patrol go around and pick up human feces.

And see the biggest joke on the American people was the impeachment trial of Donald Trump the biggest joke on the American people was the fact that he colluded with the Russians nothing like that happen and the other biggest joke was that there was a big problem with his phone call with Ukraine but there was no problem with his phone call with Ukraine we’ve heard the records read read the transcripts and if you guys care reading your stupider than a red dead redemption for XBox.

In those are you who want gun rights if you think handing the democrats the power of the presidency is going to change anything know cause they will yank the 2nd amendment right out from and a few and they will take your guns and they won’t give a damm who or what you say because they will find every American citizen unfit but the put the guns in the criminal’s hands to kill Americans to harm the a fellow American people and that’s the time were I’m going sit back and say I told you so.

So you wanna hear my speech send me a message I’m on Facebook and all make this unity speech until everybody across this world hears it even right here in the United States of America because I wanna be unified but I do not want socialism it’s not what it is snow white america was founded on and we can’t let it happen here in america socialism is the butterflies way out socialism is breaking American dreams socialism is not for america

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