Organized religion against  LGBT

So just like everything else I’m to push the limit of what I say but how can you be in organized religion when there is many people out there who don’t even accept gay lesbian transgender or bisexual people in their churches.

So it’s a definition but it’s the church and supplys where you’re supposed to go and seek forgiveness and be loved by all brothers and sisters but yet in that same church they think it’s a sin to love your other man and I have to ask how can it be a sin when God put us on the surf to love our fellow brothers and sisters?

See that’s my issue is that people go to church and then they basically are races towards the LBGT movement. And somehow we ignore that to fix our issues we don’t conserve the issue we just ignore it.

So crossed all Res it’s happening I and the one thing I find very undisputable is that what is the difference between loving a woman and loving a man if it’s so badd then maybe there something wrong with societee in itself and church is not the place to have that.

So their whole debate can be centered on church can be centered on Christ but I think that the most Ferris conversation can be had when 2 people who love each other don’t commit to a church but commit to themselves true that God is our savior from of the God is our love from a God that is our life because there wasn’t for God we would not have the sanctity of life.

I’m not too sure but I think marriage is over rated in some fashion and I also think that it is a crude fasheous statement to make against regular people and the problem is is it I just have to question everything about people who go to church and then bash the other side of the church for the LBGTQ movement.

So to me this is cute this is well this is life this is everything you want it to be in a relationship but this relationship changes how you look at things and if you’re not open minded you gonna find it prale repulsive.

So in closing I cannot organize behind Ron religion and people you ask me to out to and isn’t organize between behind one child because the truth is is it there’s no 1 religion that stands out to me they’re all fake they’re all made up to help somebody else and no religion I believe is it there is a God out there who excepts all people as they are and respects that as it is

Hello I’m Brandon I’m 32 years old and this is my next step in my unity projects I’m not saying that churches badd and I’m not just saying that church is good what I am saying is that we cannot organize a religion when we organized hate for those who this don’t believe in it.

So if you believe that religion is too organized then share your comments because I wanna hear and I don’t care to hate me but you’re not gonna hate me for being honest tell me what you really think give me your 1 on 1 opinion of this blog because it’s about reaching a conversation and if I aint reach into conversation then I reaching anything.

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