How do you define equality

Answer the quality is when you can look at everybody in the eye and tell them how you really feel and at the end of the day be happy with who you are it’s not about skin it’s not about believe it’s about being who you are to one another and in front of God and everybody loves should be a settled happiness and should not be hated on by anybody.

How do you define a Democrat

A Democrat is a left-leaning physically insane mentally unstable person who doesn’t care about America and I much rather spread hate than Joy. A statement very broad-based in nature but not so broad-based when you watch CNN MSNBC or CBS or ABC their hate is a parent and their disease is racism they defy what America stands for by supporting and anti-American like well let’s take for example Bernie Sanders or even Alexandria ocasio-cortez a New York congresswoman who has had no respect for Donald Trump has had no respect for America and still to this day valve to destroy the American.

How do you define selfishness

Selfishness is appear relevancy of illogical people who have always had hate and never had Joy people who bit join big group of anti-americans who parade out in the middle of the street holding signs of hate and dishonor and disgrace themselves in the light of Truth and evidence. But we bear the shame very well I mean America has been through the worst and the best and we will not let socialism be our last stop I last stop will be death before socialism.

How do you see America

America has been defined by Happiness by Family by friendship by Blood Sweat and Tears and by 45 presidents some good some not but I think we’re going to refer to the 40th President Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan made a speech and he talked about how to bigger government could destroy America and how socialism could kill the American dream and the idea that the American dream would I was so far-fetched so out there the questions of panic and curiosity became a reality he fought through a very uneducated crowd of people who didn’t care about American values but cared about their pocketbooks and these people will called socialist. Taking money from the rich taking money from the poor and claiming it as their own it was called communism it works in Russia but it will not work here in America because the American Spirit is too big and too far built to become Russian.

When you listen to Ronald Reagan and you listen to Trump you kind of get the same message just in a different tone and in a twentieth-century way we’re in 2020 ladies and gentlemen we’re in America we’ve built American Ingenuity we’ve conquered Wars we’ve survived the Roaring 30s with a lot of death but we can to a stronger than before socialism is not going to work in America if you believe that Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders or any of those communist Democrats are going to make America better you’re wrong..

Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren both have the same Epitaph printed on their papers that is printed in the website’s they’re willing to risk the American dream on 400 trillion dollars of free healthcare free college and all this stuff that can’t be free because if College was free America would be in the shiter and there would be no Government funding left to find real Ingenuity to find real America or to even build a social security retirements fund..

Democrats are full of racist
Democrats are full of Anti America
Democrats are full of liars
Democrats are full of Russia Communist
Democrats are full of Judgmental people.
Democrats are Full of 2 tier justice

So in one word they’ve all done this Adam shift Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren all these Democrats have two tiers of justice but they will not convicted the one who did the most damage to America and that would be Hillary Clinton. Then got Nancy Pelosi ripping up the State of the Union speech on National Television just because she thought it was the right thing to do and yet these Democrats are not held accountable for their actions so how many of you think I’m wrong

A lot of people don’t care about America and I understand why they don’t because they want everything just hand it to them and they want people to pay for their stuff but that’s not how America was built that’s not hear America’s done this isnt how our America runs

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