Oral Sex

The best type of feeling is Skin on Skin especially when it come to skin tight feel and chills run up you as you anticipate.

First time your in unknow for Oral but the real anticipation come when you two are alone. And the first time undress your new partner with Eyes.

If the kiss is best oral then you’ve reach your peek.. And why would you care about oral sex?

The most common and Comfortable feeling in oral fashion of pleasure.the 4 rules and especially feeling.

1. Sensation is the real Oral Feeling and physical Feelings.

2. Act of sex is true oral pleasure of kissea on his Body and Tasting new site with many type of food that can enhance the sexual pleasure..

3. Trusting in each body in your partner hand and know real understanding of touch ans the motion of Massages each other Body .

4. Accountability and durability is part of having this oral experience so if you do not want to have a painful experience a little bit of a suggestion make sure that when you’re out shopping when you pick up a few like lubricants to help the night go smoother.

Final closing. To love and to have oral closeness and the idea of feeling the peaks of your partner’s body is to also make sure that you both are comfortable with it…

Just like with any part of the human body yet to take care and nurture it and also offer oral stimulation as well as physical stimulation a kiss attach a slight slide of the hand down the front of the man’s body can make you feel really special..

But just remember and take this to the bank with you because it will be your best friend don’t do something to him that you’re not willing to have done to yourself.

And share the loving moments that you get together as loving moments do not try and wreck them with hate or mask them with disrespect after showing so much love to one another..

So take a minute enjoy your partner and take a night and enjoy Real oral pleasure it’s for the taste of food on his body exploded Taste of syrup running down his skin and between everything you do is for a warm shower together because those are the moments pleasure is made of..

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I'm solo blogger and I'm reporting what true and I am willing to speak on many subject and start selling merchandise on my website site including advertising and Direct service marketing is also Opinion

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