I made AM another video blog site I look forward to having you all there and you can follow me subscribe and also email me. when you’re ready.

I says I’m also creating the unity project that is supported by many I hope that you wanna join if you’re interested do a video sharing or unity support and the LBGT community.

You’re the only LGBT Community I miss all day😢 when I’m surrounded by everyone, ‘coz I’d rather be together with LGBT 😍👫💯

So the community continues to grow and I continue to spread the message of unity I want obey to think about it voting this November is going to be important and getting to make a good choice don’t vote Democrat because they don’t care about America they only care about their pocket books and Bloomberg is an all born races he is grouped all bunch people in together and he photocopies all of you in one group and that is wrong.

Say it’s not just about us is not just about how we look at things that spot how we do things together how we function as a person as people and our sex lives our humanity rests on getting it done right the 1st time.

So as a voter as an American I’d encourage you all to look at the race that is going on and the political realm and think about how you gonna vote because the wrong vote consent America back 5000 years socialism doesn’t work and never has the bounds of power will be unequal to any power that we have now the incredible mis conduct of Justice that we have right now will be unequal to any conduct we’ve had in the future bread lines homelessness ship in the streets people living off of garbage out of cans and unfair practices with money like what burning Sanders is offering there is no such thing as free.

So check out my video blog and listen because it’s not gonna be easy nothing is ever easy in America but the American dream doesn’t have to die because of socialism or left politicizing race.

So is I post this I want you guys to talk about it I want you guys to think about it want you guys to enjoy it because the moment we stopped listening is a moment America’s gone we can’t be Communist we can’t be socialist but what we can be as americae nothing is free except our friends our love our family and our values.

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