Patriotism or communism

Ladies and gentlemen I just went off on Facebook and now it’s your turn check this out.

Meet the most commonest socialist leader and the whole free world his name as Vladimir Putin and as one of the person that follows this man and you know what I hope the American people read this because I’m going to fuckinh blast them all over my blog.

I’ve never been so mad until I saw this picture pop up on Google with Bernie Sanders sitting in front of a Russian flag this is not acceptable.

He is running for a United States president’s seat and hes sitting in front of a Russian flag that Communist son of it which would sell out a country like America for bread lines food lines in America that we don’t even have now this is not the way the United States is supposed to go in this will not happen.

See I finally so the problem I figured out the mystery to why the democrats don’t want to tell us the truth but C like California Washington DC as any Room big O fickle problem they got running miles like Bernie Sanders AOC Elizabeth Warren on all these little freaks at lived there and they don’t care about the American dream they care about double taxation triple taxation and all they can get from the tax payers and millionaires.

See the democrats have taken shots at our churches religions and are chapels in America and these same democrats call out christians as being racist fascist but yet they themselves are racist in the matter which they speak Democrats is nothing but a joke

C while they were trying to impeach Donald Trump on some phony impeachment charges they were actually trying to sell off America to Russia they did not tell you this because they knew they did they wouldn’t get to vote but the promise is it these phony a** democrats and their little political standing grandstanding just backfired I just solved the whole case of why they were trying to impeach and honest man and a liar that is Bernie Sanders and the Lizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi in all these democrats in Washington DC.

See these monuments if allowed to be torn down destroy the American dream these monuments stand as reminders of what we fought to become our freedom our ideas our expression of America and yet these democrats expose their weakness and their inability to control their government their imploding on themselves and the lies and the misconceptions are coming out to be most self evident as they target each other at these democratic speeches in stumps and stuff across the United States.

C as we celebrate black lives and black history month we also turn our backs on the American people as a Democrat say but I am proud to call anybody my brother and everybody’s my sister and brother at any time but I will not let America be sold out for a Communist bread lying in the United States it won’t happen.

The lies stops here if you want bread lines and big government keep going the way we are going because on a tell you what it only works in Russia and China and places there aren’t the United States this is the United States of America this is a country that our forefathers built this is a bill of rights the Constitution and all those things that made america what it is to day and if we as American people cannot see the fucken writing on the wall of what these democrats are trying to do to us they were fuckup and we’re outta luck come election day

See this is Oregon state senator Ron wyden he is joining Bernie Sanders and trying to remote communism in America I want everybody to know what this little b******’s is doing to America behind your backs they are selling out America to Russia one piece at a time it was in about Ukraine it wasn’t about the president Donald Trump’s phone call with the Ukraine minute president it was about the fuckinh dirty rat Russians trying to come in in for trait the democrats to sell out America so we get out massive bread lines hunger homelessness and an unknown number of fatalities as a nucula war broke out between the United States and Russia.

See what you’re not seen in these pictures is what Nancy Pelosi actually did at the state of the Union what you’re not seeing in these pictures is what the United States democrats in the democratic national committee have done behind the American people’s backs.

And now and now ladies and gentlemen this is a moment you’ve been waiting for this is the video that you need to watch that you need to show to everybody you know and this is the video that needs to either shake the faith or get the fucken birds out of the nest and get them out to vote for Donald John trump come November 3rd.

Please welcome Mr. Bernie Sanders and the Russian sell out himself Bernie Sanders

So as a courtesy and a can a post a rant than I posted on Facebook but I am going to say this if this does not shake the American people to the core then we were bigger trouble than we started.

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