Woman made History

March is well it is a month that counteracts 12 months of the year and also represents women.

Rosa Parks and lady that took place in history and made of her own. When everything in the world was going to ship Rosa Parks took a stand on a Alabama bus line and did not give up her seat for that she got arrested for that reason she is the lady of the month and this will be a lot more ladies of March cause I got a few that have made history in my book.

Meet a wonka trump a lady who is proven herself time and time again as a very prudent and bright business woman. This lady has overcome a lot of diversity a lot of men societee and she has proven that she can be as successful as her dad Donald J trump president of the United States of America and dad to ivanka.

See women is always score pretty high when it comes to making inroads there always diverse in their ways they achieved multimillion dollar success stories and some have a chewed more success and hard times and good times so this is to all the men and women who look to achieve better and this is especially to the women who achieved so much that I want to say thank you and congratulations on your success and continued success.

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