Cuddling is ?

If you could define cuddling ?

to put your arms around someone and hold them in a loving way, or (of two people) to hold each other close to show love or for comfort: She cuddled the baby and eventually it stopped crying. They sat in the back row of the cinema kissing and cuddling. Showing affection.

Giving reasonable talking about cuddling

Girl thinking: Cuddling stands for safety. Think about what cuddling means to a woman. Her Daddy cuddled her and protected her when she was little. Cuddling a woman triggers an emotion in her that makes her feel safe with you. … When you hug a woman, she gets to feel your strength.

Fall in love: While hugging and cuddling, the hormone Oxytocin is released and processed. … The hormone is also sometimes called the “feel-good hormone”. So yes, cuddling can cause strong feelings but they are only temporary so long as the whole Oxytocin process is active. Love is simply a bunch of chemical processes really

Intimacy: Being in the arms of a lover is more intimate than sex. The reason for this is that cuddling does not require any performance. Quite the opposite, cuddling requires being emotionally available to another person while lying still. If you are scared of intimacycuddling is the most innocent activity you can do together ❤

Simple cuddling is true comfortable way of many things.

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