Simply Life Morals

So someone told me years ago that morals dignified prejudice I pry agree with them because that’s what we have in the societie prejudice self absorbed people who don’t care about life but what they can get out of it for free

So just like a cloudy afternoon people in societee have the same dignified response to every situation you’re in a Cavid-19 outbreak or pandemic this has turned into a nightmare for a lots of people.

The new normal for the United States mask on millions of people yet it’s almost a design of scare and militant actions by a foreign country were covid-19 was 1st discovered.

Search a beautiful land surrounded by the red sea compromised by a severe pandemic which were spread to millions of other people in other countries and yet we call them our allies when they are covered in an enemy coat.

And we peacefully surrender or unity our prosperity our country our credit to these people who have no morals who live in a country that is corrupt by nature and covers up the truth by known facts. Enter media is a state run propaganda machine which pumps out lies and deception to cover up their mistakes.

So the prophecy of a new world lays before our feet but at the same time I hear people calling for a boycott of the front line workers I hear people calling for a boy cut of truck drivers I hear people talking about these stupid things that America has and yet they do not understand what truck drivers and medical staff and the medical centers and the science centers around the United States have been doing to bring us back from this pandemic that has been created by a foreign country known as China.

Is it a lie you ask the lie lays in China the truth lays in America with nearly half a million a people across the world dying from Covid-19 and the Coronavirus not even 1/10 what we should know this is why I call bullshit on the democrats.

C China is full of deception they don’t know how to put the truth out but the truth is is it what happened across is country lies at the door step of china’s foot and if the Chinese president cannot admit to creating a dangerous psychological virus and trying to kill millions of people well then he is lying about a pandemic that cost millions of people’s eyes put a lot of people in danger and the medical’s societee should be outraged at china’s inability to accept responsibility.

No I’ll be the 1st to say that I will put no one above the law but China is put themselves above the law the world health organization doesn’t recognize America doesn’t recognize the UK doesn’t recognize the mistakes they’re being made in China by the fake media mob that lives in China and then he got the fake media mob here in America like CNN and MSNBC they don’t give 2 hoots about the pandemic as long as they can lie and put Chinese propaganda across their network.

C president from has been trying to work with China president trump has been trying to get the truth about the Corona virus and its dangerous vaccine that is spread and lead lives that has taken this is not a joke but china’s propaganda does not see the truth although Chinese Communist party will lie about the American people they went out tell the truth so I seek the truth and I seek the lying media of the Chinese media and the lying media of CNN MSNBC and all the other left wing conspiracy media it is out there they refuses to call it out for what it is which is a Chinese virus the Corona virus was the deadliest virus on record and president trump had the biggest success and tell this virus came along and thanks to the democrats we were unable to get a handle on it until after president trump’s and pietra trial was over at the end of January what the h*** do you guys thinks going to happen.

So I wanna say to president trump thank you thank you for being our United States president for faithfully be offending the honor and integrity of the flag of the United States of America thank you for standing by the American wo road warriors the truck drivers and the people who do the work that other people don’t want to do the medical staff the scientists the United States country as a whole those road Warriors those truck drivers those people who do the jobs that no one else can do I wanna say thank you.

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