Stronger Together Program

Stronger Together programs is set of livestreams on many to innvation of music and talk about many diffenance Things accross the World . but the one thing i am promoting realism in Friendships and more..

My Main focus to give people the oppounites that present them self to our country.and one of the most invvative way is to make sure that everyone is doing well and has communcation with all friends and families accross the country.

Their our first goal is upleft the current relationship accross America and making our Frontline workers are able to be safe and health and in this social distancing it very hard on the Health care works in America to distance do to the line of work..

this week i am going to feature a few song that have upleft me during the Pandemic in America and share Stronger Together initiative and offering up some idea for a Slogan . “Great Stronger America Together”

This song is true cause our is so hateful with Democrate party playing devision policy and wanting to sell off every inch of the America Dreams. and if you dont believe in America Spirit of the “American Dream” then we already lost America to other Country. And this Cant happen anymore ..

IF stand together we are Stronger Together in America and “We stand United.” i am asking all people to stand united with proud in the red white and blue in America Spirit..

Goal is Raising 150 million American to stand united in America “Great Stronger America Together”

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