Sitmulus Bill Plan for America

As COVID-19 build a depression over America, i think it time to expand on a sitmulus building America and let me this perfectly clear i am ask United State to support the America People. But what i am ask for is to upgrade for business accountabily plan for 2020 to 2021 for 1 year old.

As result to Closure of the Small Business i would suggest to apply the rule of State of Emergance in United States. And create subtitle for create revenue building for the first 3 year old and making reporting system for 6 and 18 months building first step..

Sitmulus Package Building America From “Cares Act”

Phase four shoud be applied to building America and giving every Americans the oppunites to create revenue and supporting America,.

first step up $500,000,000 for sitmulus for every America to receive single is $2,000 and then couple is $4,000 for the next 1 year during the Covid-19. outbreak. This would boost the ecomoic and offer up a second chance for america recession .

Second step up 1,000,000,000 for sitmulus of small and medium size business off 0% interest loan to help reopen small and medium size business.. And 2 years return on 0% loan for the first 2 year. and after 2 years ful return loan each business could adjust for 3 to 4% new loan term for anything larger then $200,000 after 2 year.

Third Stepup giving a 5% Tax cut on property and payroll for up to 6 to 12 months over the first run.. this would encourage new and more progressive step to Rebuilding the American Dreams. over the next year.

Finial Stepup Declare National Debt cut to help offset the covid 19 profit lose. and would offer our firends in other to plug the cap and fill .

Care Act 2.0

Let talk about this idea I am writing to American people. And maybe this would kick starter over the next 6 months to 1 year..

America Sitmulus income $5,000 to $99,000 and Check for Single American $2,000 and Married America 4,000 for up to 6 Months

American stimulus income $99,001 to $199,000 and Check single American $1,200 and Married American $2,400. For up to 6 months

American Revenue and Taxation cut across all selection of taxation from Income to Property Tax %0 interest rate for 1 years for all taxation paymemt.

Frontline Booster kickback for 2020 all medical waste extraction and truck drivers.

Bond to kicker for up to $1000 during the COVID-19 And the assessments would income base and go as high as $4,500 plus regular paid each month though federal sitmulus direct pay options…

Essential workers would be set 6 month of combat pay. During COVID-19 and this would also be a tax free sitmulus extension to insure our frontline workers have the protection supplement for COVID-19 retroactive to 6 months pays. family can still recovering this income if frontline pass away for Covid 19 widows endorphins.

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