Shattered Biden & Clinton

This Isn’t no foolish media story, but you wont hear this from CNN,MSNBC and anyother Media Outlets I sometime have referred to correct people when speak real issues in Polical view what the leftwing is trying coverup for million of American’s to not be talk about in 2020 election.

The Democarts wanna leave the facts out of the truth behind the uncover sexual assexual allagation. True Wich Joe Biden and William Clinton and why the Democrats Would be able lies.

Now video has severl things. This must matter cause i believe that Some in the media would this Shattered to remain qouite and truth is it cant’t remain that way cause Me2 movement should rise up and stand up for Woman and it shouldn’t matter if it Democrats

If PBS News is covering this for Democrats then let me ask why do you have to agnist Woman whom claim Joe Biden sexual Allegation review and why can’t the me2 stand up for these woman like when Bill Cosby was Tried and Convect?

FoxNews is Making Justice Jeanine Perro on Tucker Carlson, And i think it show the Me2 movement to will go, Just not against Democrats Party or High Power Government Coverup.

See this what the Democrats want you not to know and the Truths. and The statement in Debate on 2016 their was moment when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump call out Bill Clinton Coverup. and He got off scott free.

Let be honest for the people who sitting wondering why i am taking this on because we facing a 2nd level covering and it will fall because the Democrate have been liying to American’s People for over 50 years and their lies are starting come up and maybe the biggest problem is that FBI was Dirty during the 2016 election and now the truth arrivaling in big Flash News statement.

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