George Floyd And Hate In America

I am not much in the words but i have problem with Hardcord Hate in America and what this officers did just show what is to far. but i have couple question for people who fury about Police unsafe treatment of Public and now i have ask why?

American biggest lost was the lost of Common Sense. in the community of real People and what going on in American. And this why i am writing this out cause what happening isnt protest is Riots and the right to Protest is unwanted or dishonest Democrats.

Hate Speech in America is Coming out of the far left and disappointment is sitting in Blue States and what happening is what Passed President said when hate raising in America cause Democrat Party, That dosen’t support American Values. Their actions are unreal. I am not going to apologize cause if the hate then listen to this..

The Action of Leftwing media is promoting this hate in America, And the force of hate raising and it not just Civil Rights anymore so the fact remain that people who watch CNN or read Twitter are become unconstitutional by legal standard and the democrate continue to people hate in America.

In America 🇺🇸 Now

This is Absolutely unacceptable and it just Ant-America .

The Journey come to ENDLESS Mob Mantally that we see on Television.. And i think it Degrace by the people of Democrat party….

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