Bias Media Coverage Uncovers

I am question the media coverage of Protest and Riots. Yes i am tried of the liar leaker and incorrect information by CNN and MSNBC and false statement made by them and their untrue reporter;..

Now watch the Fox News Channel about Protesters in American. and its form Tucker Clarson Tonight and some of his information is pretty Fair and Balance statement that respresent bia in the Media .

Now before you overlook the issues here is the typical response from CNN on Donald Trump following President Press briefing by Jim Ascosta CNN white House Reporter.

Now Jim Ascosta is one the wroste reports that has in opinion and the fact he called a report said a lot for the type report Clinton News Network Present. And here the what Fox News Seasn Hannity has to say about Mr Ascosta

Now We go to Don Limon CNN and his Bia show though the His hate fir Fox News and the riots and Terrorist anti America statement from His Broadcast.. And his True hate for Facts information ..

And here what Fox news by Hannity statement follow Don Lemon statement on CNN. and Far left does the people have watch Totally Fake News CNN .

Now let move to MSNBC wild misinform statement and what really happening in American. and how far left wing media have made false statement and yet Social Media Flag the statement of Deployable according to Democrats .

Now if you buy this then here something you really need to see follow MSNBC statement after Chris Mathews resign .

His statement follow the resignation vs his Retirement speech on Headball according the Chris Mathews on MSNBC.

I am not disappointed by bias reporting that happen every day but what we don’t talk about truth and i wish their fine for liars in media who don’t report fair and Balance media and this I’m working on build non political media and we only report what true and give the voter the chance to speak on behalf of each other and #AllLivesMatters.

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