BREAKING Joe Biden Busted

BREAKING Informative conversation with a Ex Joe Biden campaign work has comfrim to me that the #Unrest riots protest were bail was paid by Joe Biden and other #Annonymous Democrats also paid to let #antifa to be free.

Following last 2 week riots and looting has become civil unrest thanks to Democrats..

Intention of getting this interviews was to make statement that expressed the lies that is the Democrat party..

1. I ask What part of the campaign are working for?

Answer: I worked as speech Writer.

2.I ask about the protest and if that was why She Quit ?

Answer: No but the part of the reason is because was sending money to public relations to bail out these protest that where rioting and Looting these store.

3. Ask her if their was decision inside the Joe Biden campaign for President?

Answer :She said their feelings of hate for America civil society is being deployable according Democrats Committees.

So I write the this complete this i will be doing video blog with some leaders in Oregon.

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