All Live Matter  Vs One live Matter


the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility


the state or quality of being proper, correct, and socially acceptable.


a great interest and pleasure in something.It truly remarkable how far hate go when it come to love and now the hate make impossible break.

It’s  may not be the longest road but in my eyes it the realistic  about  All Lives Matter  in America.

I mean we can the Hate speech on The Media bias we hear on TV from MSNBC & CNN . But have to make Change for betterment of people. Cause we already losing if only one life Matter.

Injustice  bright us here then we need to stop . And reaffirm our lives matters.  It’s  really statement to American citizens whom  have  no regards humanity..

George  Floyd’s was credit to man kind. But at the same time this is the 17 African American  to die while under police  custody..

Now this not excusable the follow are also not necessary  or acceptable.

When people burn small business and brake window and looting other business it just uncover the bias and Humanity to  inhumanity 

It kinda like this where once again you see the inhumanity of life . It also show our current  standards  witch lay at the Democrat  door.

But before you go an make policy you need to look for  answer to pasted distracted people. Everything in America is rule under 2 selection of laws and when people see that you begin  to understand why we need one standard. Cause your rules can’t applied to these above the law.

Government  Corruption in Democrats

Yes it true top Democrats  have phony up fake information  to prevent  legal justice from happening in America.

First 3 strike and your out Hilary  Clinton  but the wise things cause Democrats and had to be free and once prevent legal applications of Justice  she able to cover up her criminal history  because CNN and MSNBC wouldn’t  acknowledge  Clinton  family  crimes against  American.

American Dream hater show thems self more time then not . I truly believe the One to blame for is Democrats whom show above the law. And if the Democrats are above justice then we’ve got our reason fight for “All Live matters ” cause we need Justice on these Democrats including George Soros.

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