Iconic Statement made by Star Trek TNG Captiol

If you speak with respect and you seek to fight injustice. Listen to these words

would take warning

in what Cap, Pricard said. Because speech is sensors by social networks and big Democrats government Corruption.


I fight for Justice but I won’t defend people who do it wrong way because we have rights and freedom’s. But we need to come together and talk about issues and offer a good business opportunity to Building good community services

If dont sit well.. well it not meant to . it meant to call out Injustice and fight for rights and Laws of American. And their iconic saying that balance me as man and it something of tried and true speech .

Now we move to the true man speech with amazing man who speech ring truth to light and we contiune to fight for our lives and stop injustice. And as we cross the this river of injustice i called the man who spoke to the millions of people believe in his words and who share in song and who attended the church who served

Now if this woman made here mark then why cant people use common sense to speak out against the millions of injustice that are happening around the world. and Maybe i see what real refrom come from. and this is total injustice but she spoke to injustice and i want to hear her story.

I am standing on my moral say that what happen here is biggest injustice but also what happeing in America now is destory the real American Dreams. and now i am speaking out by using my works to reach common ground and Common sense to seek fair and Balance reform United State Justice Systems .and make different defending good Police and calling out bad Police officers.

I publish my videos last night on what happening in American. Now i giving my opinion as it relate to current situlation in American ..

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