Pride of the Heart

My business  is about building entertainment and having a continuous  revenue and have 5X income with Online and Physical  store and upgrades to the way business is done.

Be Bisexual male in business is being true and honest to making true business sense and finding partners whom share my Thoughts in business .

I’m take Adult entertainment and Family entertainment including merchandise and we will be using online and create new brand of entertainment as building entertainment we will move to a complex service of Entertainment including television network and Radio Stations network with entertainment busimess

My entertainment company will be committed to the American Dream and help our youth with their business dream and committed to achieving the best in business and that always be true to hard work.

My goal is $250,000 Startup

$5,000 for Compenhenive website and Moderate economic development and Blogging includes launch mobile applications.

$15,000 advertising and marketing services for merchants and Merchandise purchases of all type of entertainment including age verification service .

$20,000 start the modeling plan a hybrid build made for entertainment and hybrid equipment for commercialize services.

$15,000 Online entertainment for Paid pre view service . And free Television Network online and On satellite and Cable.

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