Hate in Eugene Or

Eugene Police became aware of a planned protest at the US Federal Courthouse starting at 8pm on Saturday night. Based on activities in Eugene and other cities, EPD staff staged to protect lives and safety, and the group engaged in free speech activity, as they blocked streets, and as a counter-protest formed with several members carrying firearms. Numbers of the groups combined to well over 300 present.

Officers in the area witnessed a man firing a handgun into the air amongst about 300 protestors. The man who fired the gun was contacted away from the protest by officers and subsequently arrested for Unlawful Use of a Weapon and Recklessly Endangering Another Person. The weapon was discarded by the suspect as he fled the scene, but recovered by officers with the help of witnesses.

Just before 10PM, the counter-protest had dispersed and someone launched aerial fireworks toward the US Federal Courthouse as the primary group moved in a march through Eugene streets. Members supporting the protest group disrupted traffic while the protestors remain in roadways. EPD units did not interfere with the primary protest, since no property was being damaged, and since no violence was taking place. The group size remained over 200 as they moved toward Downtown Eugene.

When the group marched to the Lane County Jail (At about 1017 PM), members of the group threw fireworks into the employee parking area, and lit smoke bombs at the front of the facility. The group left marching through Eugene streets after about ten minutes at the jail.

At about 10:46 PM, the group formed at 8th Ave and Charnelton Street. Members of the group removed EWEB signs in the area, and about ten minutes later tagged the front of the Police Auditor’s office. At about 11:00 PM, the group passed a business near Broadway and Willamette and people tried to remove a picnic table from a local brewery. As they moved eastbound from Willamette at about 11:12 PM, members of the group tagged the building and broke windows at the Wells Fargo Bank on the
corner of Broadway and Oak Street. Although holes in Wells Fargo windows were large enough for entry, no suspects were found inside.

The now-riotous group moved eastbound on Broadway; tagging buildings and breaking a window of Whole Foods (Broadway and High) at about 11:20 PM and someone was observed ripping up a street sign as another carried a torch. The group moved quickly eastbound on Broadway to Elkhorn Brewing, where members of the group launched fireworks at the building, tagged it and broke several windows at about 11:24 PM. Employees were inside the building at the time and managed to escape safely as police moved into the area to prevent further damage or harm to life safety. It’s important to note that police were not on the ground during much of the initial hours to avoid any escalating presence. Monitoring for crowd and pedestrian traffic safety was done remotely via drone. EPD didn’t confirm the Well’s Fargo broken windows, which was the first violent act that characterized the riot until after the group passed. It was about 14 minutes from knowing about the first broken window to intervening and contacting plus admonishing the group at the Elkhorn to prevent further destructive acts.

Officers gave admonishments to the group that the assembly was unlawful, and no arrests were made as the group moved northward on Hilyard. The crowd size was still over 200 hundred based on observations from several angles. Additional street signs were torn out. Subjects from the crowd moved past NW Community Credit Union and rolled a dumpster into the roadway, while others tried to start fires at the US Federal Courthouse around 11:32 PM.

The group moved past the US Courthouse, and made their way onto 7th Ave Westbound against traffic. A support vehicle drove behind the group as they occupied all lanes and blocked one-way traffic eastbound. The driver of that vehicle failed to yield to admonishments to leave the area or to police officers following. He was arrested by EPD at about 11:44 PM. Additional arrests followed as subjects refused to disperse. Despite this fact, the group continued to move through city streets. A second male suspect and a female suspect (who turned out to be a juvenile) were arrested for Riot and Disorderly Conduct as they drug newspaper boxes into the roadway and were throwing rocks at the officers and vehicles. Officers were engaged by subjects throwing rocks at them near 8th Ave and Lawrence at 11:56 PM, and had to deploy pepperball munitions to prevent the attack from continuing. An individual was assaulted by a member of the riotous crowd at about the same time. Officers continued to take projectiles as they followed the group into the Jefferson Westside neighborhood. At Jefferson St and West Broadway, officers attempted to defend themselves from incoming projectiles just after midnight by deploying two canisters of CS gas. This was effective, and several members of the crowd left the area. Officers reported having fireworks launched at them by members of the same crowd.

Despite the above, at 12:10 AM, officers were pelted by large rocks by members of the crowd. Several officers received minor injuries from that assault. The group moved back toward the US Federal Courthouse as members left in multiple directions. Additional arrests were made near 8th Ave and Mill Street.

A total of 7 adults and 1 juvenile were arrested as a result of the riot.

EPD identified some of the damage and timelines of damage through the subsequent criminal investigation, which is ongoing. Additional arrests are pending the criminal investigation and review of available surveillance video from businesses. EPD is asking the public got assistance with video or photos of any criminal activity that took place.

The following is information regarding arrests made last night during the riot. There is one arrest, of a teen female, that is being depicted on social media that needs some context and that information is provided first, with the rest of the information about arrests following.

To provide context to the activity prior to the juvenile’s arrest. The female was part of the larger the rally. As police were moving to try and engage the group in their vehicles, she pulled items in the street to block their path. She then threw rocks at officers and was charged with Riot, Interfering and Resisting Arrest. She was arrested based upon her actions prior to that video running. After arrest officers determined she was a juvenile and she was released to her parents and cited in lieu of custody.

There are others seen in the video in regular street clothes acting aggressively and they are not, as asserted, EPD officers. They have no affiliation with our police department. There was also an assertion the female was subject of a taser and that is untrue.

EPD’s goal was to try and make strategic arrests to avoid using crowd control agents.

The following individuals were arrested during the riot:

Case #20-12099

The Following Arrested under Case #20-12094

It now clear and when do get done with this dishonest oregon governor Corruption by Democrats

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