Breaking new look

Before my haircut . Now withy birthday in 12 day I’ve got my haircut cause the one wish come true..

bisexual #birthday #bdaywishes #entertainment #loveyou

Now your turn to find a hair picture before and then get it cut for after ‘Haircut challenge’

I’ll tell you what is on plan 🙂

  1. Hangout with friends if possible on video for common ground conversation
  2. start my own business by 11 of August 2020 for 33rd Birthday in 12 days
  3. Getting my own Po Box for my mail cause I’m package from friends and fan on Instagram
  4. Finding a 2 bedroom with 1bathroom with office space and Entertainment room for general Guests and.

5 Present my business plan to companies who would have interest in Non political views. And finding some with interested in Entertainment and front me about $1500 to $3,000 to get information in front of top entertainment companies and push for Openings of Studio in Eugene or somewhere in United States that support a growth of new entertainment business online and include a warehouse deal for feature merchandise.

As you’re reading I’m hope proving that standout is not always what need but to have 1 or 2 people believe in dream and celebrate with me on my birthday. I am looking to save feature and become a entertainment business online and include way more.

Published by Brandon's Point of View Media

I'm solo blogger and I'm reporting what true and I am willing to speak on many subject and start selling merchandise on my website site including advertising and Direct service marketing is also Opinion

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