It’s common call for my love

I am standing up for myself and im posting my truth about me and giving honest about me. i am 33 year old and excetly 10 days. This week i decide to make my choice and be truth with myself and the people around me.

Yes i am gay and i am truthfully honesty with myself as man and person who seek honest love and sweet touch of truth love. and the my first time with a man was amazing and now i coming to be with is a man is be my love of good man ..

If you can’t stand this kinds of flim then i am ask to scroll on. i love these flim that matter. and truth is i found answer to this mraningful relationship..oh wait for these can understand just wait..

you can’t tell that this isnt beauty personify in the eye of man. and when i am ask to use my imagination to building my relationship then this make a difference to me.

taste for imagination make it run wild. i love to see what this had for body and after all we all have a very healthy fanstay life. so please give me the credit. i mean as man i think if you’re imagine this beauty then you have love man as i do..

i want you how the turth is become love when they don’t know they love each other. and you really learn about your self and this i learn about by test myself on the movies cause i learning about myself.. though watching difference movies and that how we advance life and understanding thought music and movie

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