I am Gay

Today since wednesday i learn that what i am didnt matter, It’t what we do in our life that matter. Being isnt the wrosted thing in this world.

I am sure of two things. When it come to be real the key for one person to remember who we as people and overcome that jealousy or that hate for one other in our life..

ive walking though all the way of falling into love but truth is that when i do fall into love ive gotta to be for the really of life and what my family think. cause no matter what i am still going to be who i wanna be. finding a man who share these common creditablity of honesty and loyality for be real about being true to what we are..


I vsn hpmest be a engaging as man and shelter these feeling of love and caring. Turly amazing men have in order exist you have want to be somebody.. Now weather we rise about the hate and fear and put away the race and rise above the inhumanity of the devil.

we are all subject to dishonoresty in our life.. I am surly to know what make us better. As men’s we have to justifed in our action and follow where our heart lead us as people and as lifestyle grow and become more then what are as people..

Tight up understanding of being Gay Male in some fashion has it challenages. One is the truly inhumanity actions of people choose to spread hate and dishonest for people whom take moments and turn sorrow and sadniess by some standard..

I am here to say that with time and proper understanding we can appericate life and the people who are same sex couple cause the founding of who we are was basic self-truths that we still hold true today.. It anti anyhting to love other man or other woman.

this matter of love out loud is bonding and common pleace in our life and being acceptable by the all way of life and truth is we need to ride of statements that overall disrespect people and demoralise the words that hurt us the most. become real about lifestyle and learn accept all things from start to finish..

The three words that standout to me is LOVE, EMOTIONS and understanding,

As a men’s and Women’s we need to work as team to workout problems. see the benefit of understanding is adorable team of truth and honesty

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