Don’t you ware a mask to cover truth

We could stand for truth in life of light of the lies we have created.

It expression for all type and no matter you look this it life greatest creation for two or three people..

You can’t stand in judgment of me as man I will kick your ass if you so much disrespectful to me.

I am 33 year old and I am 5ft 6in tall and I’m love of other men’s. I make no excuses for being Gay .

Who we are is alway been question by these who don’t think of other. What we as people is still same with only change is we same love . I bare no disgrace as good children.

Love make love beautiful and two people really love eachother it will come true in people like men.

Stop with mask and stop having us cause we are Gay . Instead love us cause we are human just like you and if life mean anything to two people this should mean everything to you❤

Our Society is built on love and our trust is to be true 👍. We don’t judge and we don’t stand for hate . Cause what we are is everyday people . And love us or leave alone..

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