1 on 1 interview on Facebook

For the 3rd time in a role we respect social distance rules and i go back to facebook for other 1 on 1 interview livestream over facebook and this time i hoping to get live song cause he is singer and song writer and so i bring him on the Unity and Equally Talk and we going talk about his Careers choice and also make debut of new ablum on facebook with live concert short but any how i would like to tune to my face on Tuesday 15 of Dec 2020 for my in with MayNard .

if you please check him out he got a talent and i love is song.

Maynard Batiste Philps is gotta own music and he feature on Only Fan i wanna you To welcome him. as we sit down for 1 on 1 Interview on facebook and he also going to be feature in lastest podcast coming next week..

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