Unity and Equality

First we need to stand up for all rights And Privileges affirm by the United States Constitution 🇺🇸.

Where cried for justice when groups where destroyed Federal Building and Banks across America. WHO wasn’t calling for Unity and Equality?

As I remember here ztatement excited the rioters and Mayham back in the summer of 2020.

We’re not above going after people who have nothing wrong. But we aren’t will show fair justice under the constitution. And Civil unrest wasn’t what the Republicans supporting that. It was members of Democrat Party ..

We allow the media or external fiction of hate media Mob take advantage of truth as it wasn’t be talk about..

This applied to all American Citizens and people who become legal united States citizens. It affirm by the code of conduct in the United States Constitution as read..

My unity message is simple and straightforward and it common Sense. We can’t back down when big Political pressures us. We have stand united and make sure rights are respected and upheld..

You can’t sacrifice one right to oppose the opinion of one man. We can’t band a man or woman for opinion truth is you cover the lies of misinformation put up by Facebook, Twitter, NBC, CBS,ABC and CNN , Fox News..

Remember the same Censorship can happen to us as happen to other..

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