Who are We?

I think that this question has been the been the real Quest for Man. “It not about what are we ? ” It about Who are We?”

By now we all know what we are and that is Human and we also know love has No Identity. And for the some that survived year to year it amazing how far our understanding goes.

Weather you be history maker . It would be great if we understanding of “Who we are?” By understanding  we are man and live for the minutes and second of the day..

Martin Luther King  Jr

We history maker but at the same time he was creator of new life and ideas that fell the souls of millions. Write the greatest words of all time in History..

“We are the people of the life and God Eye is watching for what created . Our love and understanding is far from perfect but it was life happening in Washington mall Square in Washington DC .

This man is a Creator . Now I know that because I’ve seen his work. But wait.. who are we?

I share this because I’ve noticed with some group of people they total Rude and disrespectful attitudes.  And that Not “who we are?”.

I know I’m Gay and I share the pride and promise of alway share all view with friends .

I am who I am and I don’t want or need your hate. I don’t need your disrespectful attitudes .

Who are we? Is truth and please share the who are we.

This is me and I will always be me and no matter what you say I love myself and I love my friends and accept the fact of love and I love men . And I admire some men body just amazing feeling ♥️♥️

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