Brandon I’m Thinking

I’ve been trying for some months to point out my feelings about things.

First I can’t really recall a time where people would be so selfish and Uneducated to realize the truth about life.

You can go church on Sunday and be realist at church and we all say our prayers and get our Blessings but the truth is we also all lie to ourselves when it time to see the light weather good or bad and of us just thrive on it..

To be honest I don’t think people want to be happy at lease the people who are complaining full time. The American Dream went when Big Government officials have controlled it destroyed the wave of the people.

True Question what can the government do for us it not what the people can for government. And see their the big ones.

Some people in government think it their job to determine what best and true it people responsibility to do that. If we as a people can’t decide for ourselves what good then we are slaves to rich government leaders and that isn’t the way the United States Constitution reads. Or is wroten.

As people we all have Equally responsibility to provide for our families and do what is best for ourselves and families ❤.

True right of million of people who want to be free and who laydown their lives to protect the Constitution and plus the Bill of Rights. That being our Great America Armed forces.. Cause that push for peace and understanding.

Weather it be 1st Amendment or 70th Amendment we still need to recognize all our right and be Moral correct in good choices..

The problem in America is we’ve learn to hate one side and we don’t stand up for our right and we don’t have a need for being right and offerton times we are wrong about something . JUST like when they take away the 1st Amendment rights of one man who simply had opinion about America .

True tragically is that selective Party have called for unrest on National TV and when they call out about it they ignore that cause it acceptable. But when they see it happen in their building they don’t like. Truth behind what happen on January 6th 2021 .

January 6th 2021 was what the Key Democrat call civilized unrest and it happen . Just at capital building in Washington DC .Now while it wasn’t right remember you the people who said unrest was Acceptable as their was “Unrest in Home their need to be unrest in streets and restaurants and home and office”

That what happen when encourage that you got what you wanted and the truth is love is gone from Government view cause all they know is Hate and Dishonest to American .

But if you True change then we take away air time big Government and shutdown dishonest media and stop giving in to the hate and build a TV network where their is no political views and 0% bias. Cause their is no need news media or social media to give Government a Platform to broadcast their Dishonesty.

Real American Values and Morals need to be respected Nd big companies need to stop participating in official Elections and that go for Special Interests groups as well. Cause without we would have honest government and their won’t have big media cause it be shutdown no more showcase it real job.

We’ve elected official would not get the Publicity they want or grave or needed to the job right and stop play favors in big Government..

Let stop racism
Let stop hate
Let stop dishonesty
Let stop criminal in Government
Let stop pay to play Scheme in Big Government.
Let hold media accountable for own words
Let hold government officials accountable for it lies
Let hold special interests groups accountable
Let stop listening big media

If you agree then we found Unity cause all we all want is Equality and the hate and bias by big group to shutdown permanently.

Share real love and be real American Values and let make American Values grow and do what right for American. And reset the world view . And make real difference in 🇺🇸 America 🇺🇸.

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